Alex Simpson
Alex-Simpson character main
Rosemarie Thomas as Alex Simpson
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Rosemarie Thomas
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 1987
First appearance April 2, 1987
Last appearance July 17, 1987
Family Simpson
Gender Female
Residence Los Angeles, California
Romances Ridge Forrester
Thorne Forrester
Storm Logan
Alex Simpson is a fictional character on the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She is portrayed by Rosemarie Thomas.

Storylines/Biography Edit

Alex and Ridge had a relationship together in high school. In 1987, Ridge received a call from Alex, and Alex convinces him to go out on date upon her return to Los Angeles, which he agrees to. Ridge convinces Thorne to cover for him at Forrester Creations while he takes off to the Café Russe where he meets Alex. Alex reminds Ridge to reminisce about all the good times they had together. After their date, they end up having a one night stand before Ridge marries Caroline Spencer Sr. However Caroline's father, Bill Spencer, Sr., hired a private investigator named, Conway Weston to spy on Ridge. Conway gets the message that Bill called off the investigation but he proceeds what he is doing. He then breaks into a hotel suite using a key and takes pictures of Alex and Ridge making love. In the next episode, it is shown that Alex has asked Ridge if he caught the man, however Ridge says no. Ridge is anxious about Conway's picture of him and Alex. Thorne confronts Ridge about his late night wherabouts, but Ridge doesn't tell him about Alex. P.I. Weston fails to get a hold of Bill to inform about his coup. Alex meets up with Ridge again, but he discusses with her that he only loves Caroline and is worried he will lose her because of the picture of them together.