Aspen, Colorado is a key place in The Bold and The Beautiful.

Aspen, Colorado first took place when Katie Logan pushed her husband Bill Spencer and her sister Brooke Logan to when she saw Brooke was in love with Bill. Brooke and Bill went in a hot air balloon in Aspen.

Aspen is then when Bill's son Liam Spencer married his wife Steffy Forrester for the first time. 

Steffy became pregnant with Liam's child. She had an unfortunate miscarriage in a motorcycle accident. She said the baby would have been named Aspen

Bill and Brooke then went rock climbing in Aspen with Othello . Bill dangled from a cliff and his life flashed before his eyes. He realized he needed to gain his life back meaning taking back Katie and Will. Bill remained injury free. He told Brooke he was going back to Katie. Bill and Brooke convinced Katie to take him back. After Brooke left. Justin Barber immediately came to the door with papers for Katie to sign to allow Bill control of his company and joint custody of his child. Katie thought this was a good first step and signed them. Bill went back to Brooke and both Logan women turned against him.

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