Aspen Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Family Forrester family
Marone family
Spencer family
Gender Female
Parents Liam and Steffy Spencer
Grandparents Ridge Forrester
Taylor Hayes (maternal grandparents)
Bill Spencer, Jr.
Kelly Hopkins (paternal grandparents)
Katie Logan Spencer (paternal step-grandmother)
Great-grandparents Stephanie Forrester (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
Massimo Marone (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Eric Forrester (legal maternal great-grandfather)
Bill Spencer, Sr. (paternal great-grandfather)
Marion Spencer (paternal great-grandmother)
Aunts and
Nick Marone
Thorne Forrester (legal)
Zachary Hamilton
Angela Forrester (legal; deceased)
Kristen Forrester (legal)
Felicia Forrester (legal)
Karen Spencer
Caroline Spencer Forrester (deceased)
Diana Carter
Wyatt Spencer (paternal half-uncle)
Thomas Forrester (maternal uncle)
Phoebe Forrester (maternal aunt; deceased)
R.J. Forrester (maternal half-uncle)
Will Spencer (paternal half-uncle)
First cousins Caroline Spencer (paternal)
Aly Forrester (maternal half)
Zende Forrester Dominguez (maternal half; adoptive)
Dino Damiano (maternal half)
Oscar Marone (maternal; once removed)
Hope and Wyatt's Deceased Unnamed Son (paternal half-cousin; deceased)
Aspen Spencer is the miscarried son of Steffy Forrester Spencer and Liam Spencer.

Conception and Miscarriage Edit

Steffy Spencer became pregnant with Liam Spencer's child at the same time Liam and Hope Logan; a wedding that was unexpectedly arranged by Hope's mother, Brooke Logan. Steffy had just gotten the ultrasound and her mother, Taylor Hayes rushed her over to the Logan Mansion to stop the wedding. Just as Hope and Liam were about to get married, Steffy ran up to Liam and whispered to him she's pregnant. Liam couldn't marry Hope and there was much confusion. Brooke thought Steffy was faking it to keep Hope and Liam from each other. Steffy showed them the ultrasound images. Liam was very confused so Hope told him to be with Steffy. Liam and Steffy got married again in Los Angeles.

Steffy was at her brother, Thomas Forrester's, beach house and wanted to rush home to Liam in heavy traffic. She got on her motorcycle and sped off. A white van accidentally stopped in front of her and she crashed. Because of the crash she had suffered a miscarriage.

Steffy mentioned the baby's name would have been Aspen.