The Barber/Walton family is a fictional family on the soap opera. The Bold and the Beautiful.

Family MembersEdit

Marcus Barber Forrester (Donna Logan + Justin Barber, adopted by the Walton's as a child, but later adopted into the Forrester family when Donna married Eric not knowing about Justin yet)

Dayzee Leigh Forrester (married to Marcus , legal mother of Rosie )

Carter Walton (adoptive brother to Marcus when Marcus was adopted by the Walton's, adoptive uncle of Rosie)

Rosie Forrester (Marcus + Amber, legal child of Dayzee)

Amber Moore (mother of Rosie)

Justin Barber (father of Marcus, former husband to Donna, grandfather to Rosie)

Donna Logan (mother of Marcus, former wife to Justin, grandmother to Rosie)

Eric Forrester (adoptive father of Marcus, former husband to Donna, adoptive grandfather to Rosie )

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