Present Regular Characters                        or                        Main

  • Eric Forrester                                                               Stephanie Forrester
  • Brooke Logan Forrester                                                 Eric Forrester
  • Donna Logan                                                            Brooke Logan Forrester
  • Katie Logan                                                                  Ridge Forrester
  • Thomas Forrester                                                          -
  • Thorne Forrester                                                            Taylor Forrester
  • Liam Spencer                                                               Major
  • Bill Spencer                                                                  Steffy Forrester
  • Hope Logan                                                                  Katie Logan
  • Dayzee Leigh                                                                Bill Spencer
  • Maya Avant                                                                   Thorne Forrester
  • Rick Forrester                                                                Rick Forrester
  • Carter Walton                                                                 Felicia Forrester
  • Marcus Barber Forrester                                                 Caroline Spencer Jr.
  • Oliver Jones                                                                   Caroline Spencer Forrester

Present Recurring Characters                                                    Thomas Forrester

  • Alison Montgomery                                                           Owen Knight
  • Dr. Caspary                                                                      Pamela Douglas
  • Lieutenant Baker                                                               Amber Moore
  • Karen Spencer                                                                  Marcus Barber Forrester
  • Wyatt Fuller                                                                      Karen Spencer
  • Quinn Fuller                                                                      Sheila Carter
  • Danielle Spencer                                                               Dayzee Leigh    
  • Justin Barber                                                                     Nick Marone
  • Rafael                                                                               Macy Alexander

Deceased Characters                                                                 Deacon Sharpe

  • Sally Spectra                                                                     Sally Spectra
  • Macy Alexander                                                                 Massimo Marone      
  • Stephanie Forrester                                                            Bridget Forrester
  • Beth Logan                                                                        Phoebe Forrester
  • Caroline Spencer Forrester                                                  Hope Logan
  • Bill Spencer, Sr.                                                                 Donna Logan
  • Phoebe Forrester                                                                Bill Spencer Sr.
  • Darla Forrester                                                                   Massimo Marone
  • Massimo Marone                                                                Liam Spencer

Departed Characters                                                                   Darla Forrester

  • Nick Marone                                                                       Jackie Marone
  • Jackie Marone                                                                    Supporting
  • Owen Knight                                                                        Oliver Jones
  • Bridget Forrester                                                                  Whip Jones
  • Amber Moore                                                                      Kimberly Fairchild
  • Kimberly Fairchild                                                                Justin Barber
  • Felicia Forrester                                                                  Ashley Abbot
  • Whip Jones                                                                         Minor Characters
  • Ridge Forrester                                                                    Casper Knight
  • Steffy Forrester                                                                    April Knight
  • Taylor Hayes                                                                                                                                      
  • Sheila Carter
  • Deacon Sharpe

Minor Former Characters

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