Father Fontana
Luca Calvani
Luca Calvani as Fontana
The Bold and The Beautiful
Portrayed by Luca Calvani
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2012-2013
Gender Male
Occupation Priest
Residence Italy

Father Fontana is a fictional character in The Bold and the Beautiful. He is portrayed by Luca Calvani.

Storylines  Edit

Father Fontana was the priest who was supposed to marry Liam Spencer and Hope Logan in Italy. They never got married at all, and they never did get married in Italy. When Hope and Liam planned to get married a third time, Hope's mother Brooke Logan, had Father Fontana come to L.A. to have a reenactment of what would have happened in Italy. Taylor Hayes came with her daughter Steffy Forrester (who Liam also loves) and Steffy told him she's pregnant. Hope convinced Liam to stay with Steffy. Steffy lost the baby in a motorcycle accident. Hope and Liam planned to get married a 4th time, and concluded maybe Father Fontana's a jynx.