A fictional version of Los Angeles, California, USA is the setting for the long-running American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Los Angeles locations Businesses


  • Café Ruse
  • Insomnia Café chain
  • Chuck's Bar


  • University Hospital


  • The Forrester Mansion 369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 (Rick and Maya's home; Eric lives in the guest house, and Nicole lives in the main house. Ivy has lived there too, and Aly before her death. It was also Stephanie's home, before her death.)
  • The Logan Mansion, 200 N. Beston Place (Brooke's home; Storm, Donna, Katie, Rick, Bridget, Hope, and R.J. used to live there. When she has been with Nick & Ridge, they have lived here also. Brooke currently lives in the estate by herself)
  • 3197 Holden Dr (Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe's former home. Bill and Katie currently live there with their son, Will.)
  • The Shady Marlin (Nick's former home, destroyed)
  • The Shady Marlin II (Nick's new boat, which Taylor bought for him)
  • The Marone Mansion (Massimo Marone's former home, Nick and Jack currently live there)
  • The Beach House (Bridget and Rick's former house, Wyatt and Ivy currently live there.)
  • Marone Penthouse (Jackie's former home)
  • Sally's penthouse (Sally's former home; Clarke lives there)
  • Thorne's beach house (Thorne's former home, Alexandria also use to live here)
  • Unknown House (Dante's former home, Ashley was renting this house with her daughter, Abby, but she moved back to Genoa City)
  • Unknown apartment (Storm use to live there)
  • Spencer Beach House (Home to all the Spencer family, but Liam and Steffy currently live here. Bill has lived there also. Caroline also stayed there for a couple of days) 
  • Ridge and Caroline's Apartment (Ridge and Caroline both live there together) 

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