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Wyatt Spencer
Wyatt Spencer Darin Brooks
Darin Brooks as Wyatt Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Darin Brooks
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2013-
First appearance June 21, 2013
Created by Bradley Bell
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Fuller/Spencer
Fullname Wyatt Caleb Spencer
Gender Male
Born 1987-88
Age 26
Occupation Businessman, Jewelry designer
Residence Los Angeles, California
Parents Bill Spencer
Quinn Fuller
Siblings Liam Spencer
Will Spencer
(paternal half)
Spouses Hope Logan (2014-15)
Children Hope's Deceased Unnamed son (with Hope)
Grandparents Bill Spencer, Sr.
(paternal grandfather; deceased)
Aunts and
Karen Spencer (paternal aunt)
Caroline Spencer Forrester (paternal aunt; deceased)
First cousins Caroline Spencer (paternal cousin)
Other relatives Deacon Sharpe
Brooke Logan

Wyatt Spencer (né Fuller) is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by actor Darin Brooks since June 21, 2013.


Wyatt is the son of publishing magnate Bill Spencer and jewelry designer Quinn Fuller. Quinn, who was a teenager when she had him, raised him as a single mom. It is revealed that his favorite ice cream is Rocky Road, his favorite color is red, he enjoys camping and learning Spanish, and he runs Quinn Artisians Jewelry, which he hopes will become a successful company under his and his mother's ownership. 


While up at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, Hope Logan tries to rekindle her romance with Liam Spencer, now that his wife, Steffy Forrester has left for Paris. Seeing that Liam will need some time, Hope, realizing that she and Liam will never get back what they had in the beginning, lets him go back to Los Angeles while she stays. While walking through the woods, she stumbles upon Wyatt, who's in a solar shower and then takes a photo of him with her phone. But when he catches her, she runs off while he chases after her. Giggling pretty much the whole time while running, Hope suddenly trips and is knocked out. Wyatt finds her and revives her by kissing her.

He later finds her phone and finds her at the Forrester cabin where he gives her the phone and also introduces himself. Wyatt takes Hope's breath away when he gives her a gentle kiss. He even goes as her mystery date to her brother Rick's 4th of July party.

When Liam arrives at the party late, he notices Wyatt and wonders who he is. Wyatt then notices how tense things are between Liam and Hope just from listening in on their conversation. After Hope tells Liam to leave, which he does, she and Wyatt  talk. He tells her that he thinks that Liam is an idiot. After giving her a kiss, she is shocked to see that he is wearing a sword necklace similar to one that Liam and Bill both wear. Her curiosity about Wyatt becomes even more so when he takes her to his mother's jewelry company, which is located at a warehouse, which also serves as his home, near downtown Los Angeles. Hope meets Quinn Fuller and starts questioning her about Wyatt's sword necklace. Quinn tells her it's a one-of-a-kind piece. When Hope mentions that Bill and Liam each wear one exactly like it, Quinn suddenly becomes uncomfortable. She tells Hope that it may be possible that another designer may have made the same type of necklace. After Hope leaves for work, Wyatt, who's checking out the Hope For The Future website, asks his mother what she thinks of Hope. While admitting that she thinks Hope is a lovely young woman, Quinn tells Wyatt that it may be best if he does not see her again, which stuns him. Wyatt ends up concluding that his mom doesn't want to see him get hurt because of Hope's relationship with Liam, which he is certain will end soon. Hope tells Wyatt that she thinks Bill Spencer's his dad and Liam's his half-brother. Wyatt brings this up to his mother and Quinn denies it again. She also tells her son that she doesn't want Wyatt hanging around Hope and thinks he can fins much better women in L.A. than Hope Logan. Liam then takes Hope for a walk and picks up Steffy's ring in the fountain and proposes to her, but this time Hope's very hesitant but said yes. Quinn then told Wyatt to take his sword pendant off. Wyatt found out Hope was engaged, but stayed friends and Wyatt told her to stop about the necklace. Hope wondered why questions about a man she doesn't know upset Quinn.

Hope then told Wyatt to have him and his mother meet up at the same restaurant Liam and Bill were at to see what would happen. Quinn and Bill instantly recognized each other and stared at each other. Liam noticed Bill staring and encouraged unsure Bill to go and ask and Bill did. Bill introduced himself and Quinn denied knowing him. Bill mentioned she made him very happy by making his pendant for him. Bill then mentioned her name Quinn Fuller and she ran off scared. Wyatt went after her and asked if Bill Spencer was his real father and Quinn said yes. Wyatt was raging and Quinn said she lied to him that his father died because she was a teenager and once she was pregnant Bill wanted nothing to do with either of them and handed her money for an abortion. Quinn didn't want to loose her negger child and had Wyatt without Bill knowing. Wyatt yelled at Bill for not wanting him and Quinn for not giving him the choice if he wanted his father in his life. Wyatt then angrily drove off. Liam then drove up to Bill and Quinn in his car and Bill hopped in and told Liam to follow the green car. Quinn then went back to the restaurant for her purse when Hope Logan decided to pop out. Quinn attacked Hope by yelling saying she had no reason to stick her pampered nose into this situation and she ruined everything. This started their rivalry. Hope and Quinn got into a huge fight when Hope's mother Brooke Logan came out to protect her daughter. Quinn walked off angrily. In their fight Quinn mentioned she thinks Hope's rich, pampered, and young. Quinn also told Hope she doesn't want her anywhere near her son. Wyatt drove to his apartment packing his stuff. Bill and Liam were trying to welcome him in as family. Wyatt was outraged at first but then Bill and Wyatt hugged when Quinn came in. Quinn then told Bill not to touch her child. Wyatt, still angry at his mother for lying to him, moves in with his father and brother, and the three men bond. Liam, however, begins to feel like the odd man out after seeing how quickly Wyatt and Bill have bonded. Liam then has Hope come over where she sees Wyatt. While Liam is taking care of some stuff in another room, Wyatt makes his move and kisses Hope. The next day negger Wyatt randomly brings up Steffy's message to Liam on his tablet about her not wanting an annulment but wanting a divorce making Hope and Liam wait six months to get married which stresses Hope out like crazy because of what happened before in the past. This gives Wyatt an opportunity to mess up their relationship. Hope demands Liam fly to Paris and make Steffy sign the annulment papers, or they don't get married. Liam had to do something at work, but Wyatt kissed Hope twice by the time Liam came back.  Liam punched Wyatt down to the ground making his lip bleed. Hope was acting ditsy about the whole thing, and Liam, realizing that he can't trust his brother, decided to throw Wyatt out of his house, but Bill overruled his son, allowing Wyatt to move back in. 

Seeing Liam as weak, Wyatt increasingly felt that a place at Spencer was his birthright. Also wanting Hope for himself, Wyatt believed that Liam was the only person keeping him from both. After heading back to the Quinn Jewelry to get more of his belongings, he refused to forgive his mom for keeping him in the dark about his father and stated his intentions regarding Liam and Hope, even telling his mom that she needed to accept his relationship with Bill or she'd be left behind. Soon, Wyatt met Bill's soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie Logan, who just separated from Bill due to his infidelity and unfaithfulness after he slept with her sister, Brooke Logan. Katie also told Wyatt about Bill's fling with Steffy. Angry that his baby half-brother, Will, would suffer the same result of growing up without a father, Wyatt confronted Bill and alienated him so much that Bill kicked him not only of the house, but also cut him out of his life. Liam then confronted Wyatt, calling him two-faced and threw him out of the house again, saying he'd just be happy if he never saw Wyatt ever again. Either killed Liam Spencer and Wyatt congratulated him.

Hope arrived back at Liam's house seeing Wyatt packing up. Wyatt told Hope everything that had happened and how inappropriate his father's relationship was with her mom, to which Hope agreed. Hope didn't want Wyatt to leave and offered to have them wait for Liam to come back and they could talk it out, but Wyatt wanted to leave anyway, even offering her to come with him and dump Liam. She politely turned down the offer, but still didn't want him to leave. Wyatt returned to Quinn and she welcomed him back home. He told his mom everything about what had happened with Bill and admitted that she was right about him all along. Later, Hope was looking through some jewelry for her clothing line. She managed to find the perfect set for her campaign and when Marcus Forrester told her the jewelry was designed by Quinn Artisans Jewelry, she was stunned. She ran over to Wyatt and Quinn and offered them a deal they couldn't refuse: have Quinn's company join forces with Forrester Creations to design accessories for her campaign, to which both Wyatt and Quinn accepted. When Liam found out, he was furious that Wyatt wasn't out of his or Hope's lives. Wyatt smugly told Liam that Hope is still fair game until the day she walks down the aisle and says "I do" to Liam. Desperate, Liam tells Hope to cut off her contract with Quinn and Wyatt, which she did try to do, but Eric turned her down saying the papers were already signed. When Wyatt found out about this, he went to Hope and offered to walk away himself. Hope's reassurance calmed Wyatt, but after Liam, out of desperation, finally convinced Steffy to sign an annulment, Hope was ecstatic. Wyatt was afraid now that the annulment was granted and ultimately pushing Hope's wedding to Liam up, Wyatt was afraid that Hope would kill the Forrester partnership. Quinn sold an idea to Wyatt to have him and Hope go down to Mexico to retrieve a special diamond for Hope For The Future, a recreation of the famous Hope Diamond. When Wyatt offered the trip idea to Hope, she agreed to go down just for business. While in Mexico, Wyatt and Hope see the diamond and asked the owner if they could loan it for her campaign. The diamond supposedly is magically and leads people to their destinies once they've seen it. Wyatt also confesses his true feelings towards Hope and again tells her to not rush into marriage with Liam.

During the fashion show Quinn found Liam's tablet and watched his marriage tribute video of Steffy, knowing he made one for Hope previously. Quinn sent it to her phone and deleted the thread. Pam saw that Quinn sent an email on her phone to Hope, but Quinn lied saying it was to Wyatt. While Hope and Liam were at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, Hope received the video and had a fight about Steffy with Liam, who had no idea how Hope had gotten the video. AN upset Hope went back to L.A. When she returned home, she told Brooke what happened, and Brooke implied that it was perhaps time her daughter let go of Liam and try to take a chance with Wyatt as Brooke believed he was the better man for her daughter. Meanwhile, Quinn told her son about Hope and Liam's big argument that ended with Hope leaving Liam. Wyatt races over to the Logan mansion, and Brooke tells him that Hope is at the cabin on the property. Wyatt finds and comforts her. At the same time, Liam arrives at the Logan mansion, demanding to know where Hope is, but Brooke is hestiate of telling him where she is as he once again hurt Hope. Brooke eventually caves in and tells Liam that Hope is at the cabin, but is with Wyatt. Wyatt again convinces Hope that Liam is not right for her and that he doesn't deserve her. Hope, finally tired of Liam's indeciveness and his constant connection to Steffy, takes off her engagment ring and kisses Wyatt as a horrified Liam watches. 

Over the course of several weeks, Liam and Wyatt continue to compete for Hope's heart. After a talk with Alexandria Forrester, Liam finally puts his foot down and gives Hope an ultimatum: either him or Wyatt, to which Hope chooses Liam. However, Liam gives another condition to Hope: to cut all ties with Wyatt and Quinn to which Hope reluctantly agrees to do. Setting up a romantic India-styled dinner for Hope, Wyatt is heartbroken when Hope tells him that she's going to marry Liam and she must cut all ties with Quinn Artisian Jewelers. Wyatt desperately tries to change Hope's mind, but Hope doesn't give in and says it has to be this way. Wyatt then confronts Liam and declares Liam the winner for Hope's heart, but pleads with Liam to not have Quinn Jewelers be cut off from Forrester, but Liam doesn't give in to his brother's pleas. Wyatt is last seen packing up his supplies in Hope's office and puts on Hope's wedding headband. However, after seeing Liam with Steffy, Hope calls off the wedding and not only rehires Quinn Artisian Jewelers but also goes to Hawaii with Wyatt. Liam, however, finds out where they are and tries to convince Hope that he is the man for her and asks her to elope. She refuses, however, and puts an end to the relationship. Wyatt then makes his move, giving Hope a beautiful necklace as well as an amazing kiss.However, Hope broke up with Wyatt after she found about the diamond theft from Liam. An upset Wyatt begged Hope for another chance, telling her that he will prove himself to her. Hope decides to do just that, and after finally letting Liam know what her decision was, she and Wyatt enjoy a romantic evening together. When Hope tells Wyatt that she and Brooke are going to Paris on a business trip, he offers to go with her so that they can spend time together in between business meetings that she has to attend. Hope tells him no, leaving Wyatt disappointed. However, he sneaks onboard the Forrester jet and surprises Hope, which shocks and delights her. Hope thinks she is pregnant with Wyatt's child and wasn't with it for a while. She went by Liam's and through a receipt for a pregnancy test in his bushes which he found and went over there. Hope tells this to Wyatt as Liam rushes in. She retakes it and realizes she isn't.  Hope is selfishly relieved and tells Wyatt she is even thought Wyatt somewhat wanted a child.  Liam is dead relieved.  Wyatt and Hope feel this is between them but Liam insists this affects him to. Wyatt is getting ready to take Hope camping again. Liam hops in the truck and kidnaps Hope which freaks her out. She calls Wyatt who is alerted but can't stop Liam. Liam drives her to his place and they both can't let go of each other and fear losing each other.  Liam demands equal time and for her to date them both if she shows up for dinner tonight. Wyatt tells Quinn that if Hope goes over to Liam's tonight she'd be dating them both (which Hope's mother Brooke has done with two half-brothers). Quinn wanted Wyatt to fight for her but Wyatt trusted Hope but didn't know what she was gonna do.  Of course, Hope does and dates them both which she goes back to talk to Wyatt who only cares about romancing her right now.

Quinn and Bill secretly had sex a couple of times and Quinn took a picture on her camera of them in bed and blackmailed Bill that she'll keep quiet about it and won't expose it to Brooke, who Bill is back together with, if he supports Wyatt and Hope's relationship and makes Wyatt a Spencer. So Bill officially had Wyatt's named changed from Wyatt Fuller to Wyatt Spencer. Quinn admits to Bill that she cut him out of her and her son's lives because she would become obsessed with him.

Bill and Broojke flew to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to get married. Ridge Forrester didn't like the Fuller's jewelry because he was upset that his ex-wife was marrying Bill Spencer.  Quinn showed Wyatt the photo. Wyatt was against her using it because of his job and relationship with Hope. Quinn sent Ridge an e-mail of some jewelry pictures and the sex photo. Ridge was shocked and confronted Quinn who told him they had an "affair". Ridge showed this to eric before he left for The Middle East. Eric confronted Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn brings up her relationship with eric but that wasn't really relevant. Eric assured her she won't be losing her job. Ridge flew to Dubai and after they exchanged their "I Do's" yelled"Logan." and showed them the photo and Brooke was freaking out. Ridge punched Bill and took off with Brooke. Bill chased after them and Ridge and Brooke got in a helicopter. Bill nodded to the pilot and once they lifted Justin Barber the pilot swayed and Ridge fell in the middle of The Persian Gulf. Everybody thought Ridge could have been dead. Liam blamed Quinn for the possible death of Ridge Forrester. Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Liam was badmouthing Quinn and Wyatt punched Liam down to the floor. Hope dumped Wyatt for the punch and Quinn's involvement. Wyatt called Hope to come to Big Bear to win her back over but Hope was confused and chose Liam.  Quinn entered a bar and started drinking. Deacon sat next to her and started talking to her. Quinn explained she had a terrible day. She lost her job,son, and life.  Quinn later mentioned that her son, Wyatt Spencer, is in love with a girl which she later mentions as Hope Logan. Quinn saw his face and asked if he knew her. Deacon said" Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy." Quinn was shocked to hear this. Deacon lets Quinn know that he talked to Hope and Ridge is still alive. Quinn was happy and relieved. Quinn and Deacon talked about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.Deacon got a text from Quinn to come over to Quinn Artisan Jewellers Penthouse. Quinn asked if he has heard of Wyatt fro Hope in which he said he has. Quinn plans for her and Deacon to get Wyatt and Hope together again. Deacon needed something in exchange and told her he needed a place to stay. He asked to stay there and Quinn allowed him to stay in the penthouse. Deacon told her he can see what he could do. Hope had told Brooke and Liam that Deacon paid her a visit. Deacon asked Hope if she was over Wyatt while Hope stalled the situation. He told her she didn't answer the question. Wyatt came by the Forrester Mansion to tell her how happy he was for her that Ridge is alive at Ridge's welcoming back party. Liam came out and interrupted. Quinn told Deacon she's going to kill Liam. Deacon shows up at Wyatt's beach house and they had a couple friendly drinks while talking about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt.

Quinn stabbed Liam with his sword and says "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Liam saw this as a threat. Quinn came by Liam's at night and scared him while he took a flashlight and looked out the window and saw Quinn's face.Liam was shocked and tripped spraining his ankle. Liam told this to Hope who told Wyatt. Hope came over to the penthouse and questioned Quinn while Deacon eavesdropped unseen. Quinn lied to Hope and went to Liam's again. Quinn kicked him and told him she'll kill Hope too before she sees him with you. Liam and Hope told Wyatt who talked to Quinn. Later, Quinn made a sword and finally let Deacon see. Quinn left as Wyatt came. Deacon informed Wyatt about Quinn. Wyatt left while Quinn was threatening to kill Liam with the sword. Wyatt arrived just in time to push Quinn out of the way and save Liam.Wyatt told her she's done and Quinn teared and left. Wyatt thought about contacting the police but Liam told her to let her go. Wyatt, Liam, and Hope told Bill and Brooke about this and Wyatt got a phone call. A doctor said that his mother checked herself in to the mental care facility last night and she's getting help. She told him Quinn still loves him and will reach out to him when she gets better. They were all happy for Quinn. Quinn texted Wyatt and apologized for what she did to him, Liam, and Hope.

The man from Mexico who lent Wyatt the Hope For The Future Diamond, Ricardo Montemayor, has passed away and had no family or heir to pass it down to. He left it in the hands of Wyatt. Wyatt showed to Deacon and Wyatt said he promised to give it to Hope one day. Eric and Rick hired Eric's neice, Ivy Forrester, from Australia to work for the HFTF Jewelry line. She was uncertain because she has her company is Australia she has to run. Eric suggested she goes back and forth but still. She needed somebody to help her along with the jewelry line. Hope and Liam automatically thought Wyatt. They asked Wyatt to rejoin Forrester in which he gladly accepted.

Marriage to Hope

Wyatt is stun to see Quinn back home and she insists that she is better, but is still in treatment for her issues. Wyatt filled her in on everything that has happened since she's been gone from Hope going back to Liam, getting rehired at Forrester, and Ricardo willing him the Hope Diamond necklace after his sudden death. During a press conference, Wyatt reveals the Hope Diamond in his possession and, keeping his promise, gives it to Hope. Feeling humiliated and believing that Wyatt is back to his old tricks again, Liam tells Hope to give the diamond back to Wyatt and fire him again. Wyatt and Hope then leave for Paris for photo shoot business trip. Hope insisted that Liam go with her, but is hesitate since Wyatt is also there as well. After convincing from Ivy and Aly, Liam decides to go to Paris and meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower where they can finally be able to solidify their relationship. Ivy tags along with Liam, unbeknownst to both that Quinn is following them. After the photo shoot and a walk around Paris, Hope tells Wyatt that she plans to stay with Liam. As she waits for Liam at their special spot by the tower, Wyatt secretly watches from beyond, hoping that Liam will not show up. Liam finds Hope patiently waiting for him while Ivy planned to snap a picture of them together. While sitting up on a ledge, Quinn discretely pushes Ivy into the river and Liam jumps in to save her. Quinn arrives at a rooftop restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and steals a tourist's binoculars and secretly watches Hope getting aggravated waiting for Liam. Liam ran to get to Hope and mistook her for another girl. Hope had left and was on the Forrester jet to Monte Carlo with Wyatt. Quinn called Wyatt and after informing her, Quinn convinced him to marry Hope there. Wyatt took Hope on a romantic boat ride. Wyatt asked her to marry him and she agreed. The boat's captain held the marriage ceremony and in Hope's vow she said he dives right in and Wyatt asked her to dive in with him. Hope ran to the back of the boat and held her arm out and Wyatt and Hope both jumped into the water. The captain pronounced them man and wife. At Hope and Wyatt's wedding party, Aly and Ivy convinced Liam to tell Hope he was there. Aly and Ivy distracted Wyatt with a bunch of questions about the wedding ceremony while Liam told Hope the dilema in her bedroom. Wyatt decided to go see his wife soon after and realized the situation. Hope was teary but stayed faithful to Wyatt when Wyatt put the wedding rings on her. Aly began to notice that Ivy likes Liam. Ivy informed Aly she was thinking of inviting Liam to they party at Bikini Bar. Ivy asked Liam to go and he agreed wanting some fun. Ivy kissed Liam. Aly wanted to hear everything that happened between Liam and Ivy from Ivy. Hope eavesdropped hearing about the party and the kiss. Hope made herself present and Aly left. Ivy brought up the conversation and Hope claimed she shouldn't date Liam to give him more time. Ivy stated that Hope's married to Wyatt now and she can't have them both. Hope accused Ivy of purposely falling in the Seine. Ivy told Hope that she's a lot like Brooke. Hope got defensive telling her that she's her boss. Ivy said that her uncle hired her because she's talented and a Forrester. Hope's a Logan. Ivy invited Liam to a couple's party at her home, and she and Liam were the only persons not apart of a couple there. At the end, Ivy told Liam how she felt about him. She then opened the door for him to leave and he kissed her. Hope confronted Ivy once more about giving Liam space and she told her that she was helping him get through his heart break. Charlie and Pam came up to the conclusion after watching several camera footage that Quinn was in Paris and she was the one who pushed Ivy into the river purposefully so that he could miss Hope. Hope was thinking what it would be like to start a family with Wyatt. A curious Hope took a pregnancy test, and was shocked to learn that this time, she was actually pregnant with Wyatt's child. A terrified Hope rushed to Liam and told him the news. Liam at first was mad with Hope, but then seen it her way, and tears filled their eyes wondering what the future will be like. However, Liam decides to let Hope go and pursue a relationship with Ivy.

Hope and Wyatt agreed that Quinn can't be part of this child's life. As Wyatt left to tell her, Quinn stopped by. Quinn stopped over while Hope was spazzing. Quinn apologized once more and Hope eventually calmed down but restricted her from her grandchild's life and their house. Quinn thought this was unfair and argued with Hope. Wyatt was going to tell Quinn the same thing. At the same time, Deacon started having romantic feelings for Quinn and had kissed her twice. Deacon stopped by Hope and Wyatt's to announce he has a woman in his life. Quinn came in and Hope spazzed. Hope didn't want to accept this and exiled Quinn from the baby's life and Deacon if he'll stay with Quinn. Hope tried to convince Deacon that Quinn is using him but he denied it.

Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy were doing a photo shoot in Amsterdam and Quinn is excited to hear that Ivy invited Liam to tag along. Quinn suggested to Deacon flying over there but Deacon insisted she doesn't. Quinn is excited to hear that Wyatt arranged a boat tour for Liam and Ivy to help get Hope and Liam over each other. Quinn stops by the Forrester Mansion for Thanksgiving bringing yams when Hope comes to the door and insists that she's not welcome.

Hope was having her baby shower which Quinn was uninvited to. Quinn overheard Deacon talking to Hope on the phone about it. Quinn planned on stopping by but Deacon tried to convince her otherwise. Quinn walked up to the balcony and hid behind a fake plant watching Hope receive her presents. Quinn dreamt her coming down the stairs begging for Hope's acceptance, and Hope calling her mom and hugging her. While all of the ladies see their way to the garden to play party games, Quinn strolls down the staircase and steals a slice of cake with a napkin over it and leaves. Meanwhile, Liam stopped by Quinn's because he called Ivy making sure Quinn wasn't gonna crash, and was informed that Deacon was with Quinn were together which disgusted him. Quinn entered her penthouse to find Liam asking where she was. Quinn claimed she was out and Liam observed the piece of cake questioning her. She claimed she went to a bakery because she has a sweettooth. Liam called Hope to meet with her and when they did he told her Quinn had the same piece of cake. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Quinn stopped by and had an argument with Hope. They took it out to the garden. Hope agreed to drop it. Quinn apologized and as she was walking away, pregnant Hope tripped down the patio steps. Quinn ran down to help when Liam rushed to her rescue, rushing her to the hospital. Hope was okay with minor injuries however she lost the baby. Hope awoke the next morning. She wrongly blamed Wyatt for not keeping Quinn away. Wyatt told Hope her problem is that she always wants what she doesn't have. Wyatt tried to convince Hope to work it out but Hope didn't want Quinn in her life anymore and left to go to the Logan Mansion by the patio. While Hope was remembering the incident, Liam came to her and hugged her. Hope decided to leave for Milan to go be with her mother that day.

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