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Zende Forrester Dominguez
Zende Forrester Dominguez-1
Rome Flynn as Zende Forrester Dominguez
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Daniel Smith (2001–2002, 2005)

Rome Flynn (2015–2017)

Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2001–2002, 2005, 2015–2017
First appearance December 11, 2001
Last appearance September 11, 2017
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Family Forrester/Dominguez
Gender Male
Born 1992
Age 25
Occupation Student
Intern at Forrester Creations
Residence Forrester Mansion
369 Willow Hill Road
Los Angeles, California
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith as Zende Forrester Dominguez
Parents Kristen Forrester (adoptive mother)
Antonio Dominguez (adoptive father)
Spouses Nicole Avant (2017-)
Romances Sasha Thompson
Grandparents Eric Forrester (adoptive maternal grandfather)
Eduardo Dominguez (adoptive paternal grandfather)
Stephanie Forrester (adoptive maternal grandmother; deceased)
Liliana Dominguez (adoptive paternal grandmother)
Great-grandparents John Douglas (adoptive maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Ann Douglas (adoptive maternal great-grandmother)
Aunts and
Thorne Forrester (adoptive maternal uncle)
Felicia Forrester (adoptive maternal aunt)
Angela Forrester (adoptive maternal aunt; deceased)
Rick Forrester (adoptive maternal half-uncle)
Bridget Forrester (adoptive maternal half-aunt)
Ridge Forrester (adoptive maternal half-uncle)
First cousins Thomas Forrester (adoptive maternal half-cousin)
Steffy Forrester (adoptive maternal half-cousin)
Phoebe Forrester (adoptive maternal half-cousin; deceased)
Alexandria Forrester (adoptive maternal half-cousin)
R.J. Forrester (adoptive maternal half-cousin)
Dominick Damiano (adoptive maternal half-cousin)

Zende Forrester Dominguez is a character on the The Bold and the Beautiful, was last portrayed by Rome Flynn from 2015-2017. The character was last played by Daniel Smith from 2001-2002 and made a guest appearance in 2005.

Character historyEdit

While honeymooning in Africa, newly-married Kristen Forrester (Tracy Melchior) and Tony Dominguez (Paulo Benedeti) noticed that they had lost a roll of film. A mysterious boy showed up with the film to return it. As they began to talk to him they formed a bond with him. The boy, named Zende, invited them to visit him before they left the country.

Kristen and Antonio were shocked to discover that Zende had been orphaned when both parents died of AIDS. Zende had lived at an orphanage with his younger brother, but sadly, his brother also died of the disease. To help pay his way, Zende worked around the orphanage and helped take care of the younger children. Kristen and Tony discovered when Zende became too old to live in the orphanage he would probably end up on the streets or working anywhere he could find work.

On their return to Los Angeles, Kristen and Tony admitted that Zende had never left their thoughts. They had both been drafting letters to send him. Since Antonio had been battling HIV himself, he felt a special connection to Zende; the couple saw this as the first chance to have a family of their own. They decided to rush back to Africa and start adoption proceedings immediately. They legally adopted young Zende, choosing to give him both of their surnames.

Zende went to live with Kristen and Tony, who have since left Los Angeles (with Zende) and are currently living in Florida.

Return To Los AngelesEdit

In 2015, after a ten-year absence, Zende returned to Los Angeles and is happily greeted by his uncle Ridge Forrester. Zende decides to follow in the footsteps of his family and is hired as an intern at Forrester Creations, along with Nicole Avant, whom Zende takes a liking to. He attends the wedding of Rick Forrester and Nicole's sister Maya Avant Forrester as her date. When Nicole tells him that Thomas Forrester unexpectedly kissed her, Zende is not fazed by it. In fact, he asks Nicole out on a date and even gives her a kiss. They then decide to officially become a couple. He even supports her when she decides to be Rick and Maya's surrogate despite objections from her parents.

After dealing with various factors interfering in their relationship such as Nicole's half-sister Sasha Thompson, Zende and Nicole were married on February 14, 2017.

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